Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Strawberry And Pepper Cannot Be Planted Together

Can strawberries and peppers be planted together? Strawberries and peppers cannot be good neighbors, so they should grow away from each other. Companion planting is to improve plant health, but planting strawberries with pepper will only attract more harmful pests to the garden. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Peppers need enough light to promote their growth, just like strawberries, but like strawberries, they can easily eat them at night.

Planting pepper in your garden will ensure that you have fresh pepper on hand every time your recipe requires it. However, you need to take pest control measures to grow healthy peppers.

Growing fruits and vegetables together usually requires consideration of certain planting requirements. To successfully plant any plant as a companion from seed to parent, you need to pay attention to harvest time, purification and storage.

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Strawberry is a prolific grower and should be taken into account when selecting companion plants. Strawberries and peppers perform well when taken from fruit and ripened, but you should know something before planting the two together.

Can strawberries and peppers grow together?

No, strawberries and peppers should not be planted together. Strawberry is a prolific grower who is also prone to some diseases and pests. Planting pepper near it will only make things worse. When planted too close to strawberries, some infections will attack your pepper, so it's better to separate the two.

Companion planting means planting beneficial crops near each other to improve your crops, but research shows that this is not the case with strawberries and peppers.

Strawberries and plants are planted in a hole. These plants are heavy eaters because they don't like competition. However, some studies claim that strawberries and peppers can be grown together as long as you choose disease resistant varieties. Knowing what diseases are attacking your plant will also help determine what plants grow with it as partners.

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Peppers are best grown from seeds and thrive at soil pH of 6.2 and 7.0. Most importantly, the planting sites of these two plants need to be carefully selected.

In addition, strawberries should not be planted in places where peppers, eggplants or tomatoes are grown, because these plants may contain verticillium wilt, which may be a serious disease of strawberries.

What can I grow next to pepper?

Pepper is often the perfect companion plant for many vegetables. It may be the ideal plant to provide some plant colors. Planting suitable plants next to peppers can also help drive away pests that are known to attract them. Here are some of the best plants that grow near peppers.

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Basil resists insects, mosquitoes, thrips and flies

Trollius helps drive away pumpkin bugs, beetles and pumpkin worms

French marigold drives away aphids and nematodes



Petunia drives away pests such as tomato horn and asparagus beetle



Lettuce helps maximize garden space.

Can I grow different peppers together?

Planting different chilies together will not affect the taste of chilies, and because bees and pollinators carry pollen from one to another, different varieties can maintain their taste. Many gardeners grow sweet pepper and chili together. They will grow well without any complications or damage. Planting chilies with other types of chilies will still yield a successful harvest.

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What conditions do strawberries need for growth?

In order to harvest healthy and delicious strawberry fruits, it needs a well drained soil rich in organic matter. Strawberries need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day to get the highest yield. If you plant them in spring, make sure they are far away from wet areas.

Can you grow tomatoes and strawberries together?

Tomatoes and strawberries are common garden plants, but it is better not to plant them together. You should avoid growing strawberries and any plants that can compete with them in nutrition, such as broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, potatoes, mint, pepper and tomatoes. However, with careful management, you can still plant them in the same garden, but not close to them.

Companion planting is often called a magic way to increase the yield of gardens. Although there is no scientific claim that strawberries and peppers can be grown together, gardeners have claimed for many years that they cannot be grown together.

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Peppers thrive in full sunlight and partial shadows, while strawberries thrive in full sunlight and can only tolerate partial shadows.

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