Tips from Olle Garden Bed: The Growth of Lettuce and How To Solve Them

If you think that lettuce is easy to plant, try to sow for several seasons in a row to see if your crops are the same every year. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Lettuce will be affected by factors such as temperature, excessive water, too little water, pests, hail and other factors. However, you usually receive a warning signal before the time before. More than this, you might as well leave your lettuce to the snot feed.

Repeatedly, it is best to compost when the leaves are no longer suitable for you to eat.

It is worth observing that under greenhouse conditions, you can better control the weather (calories/sunlight, irrigation/rainwater, etc.). Although you may want to save precious planting space for some more difficult crops.

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4 kinds of lettuce you can plant

Although living leaves are considered to be the easiest lettuce, it is worth reading is how to grow the iceberg head that is worth purchased by the store. Because there is a big difference between the two varieties of planting.

For those lettuce enthusiasts, it is useful to understand your type of lettuce.

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Iceberg/crispy head

You know what you like to buy from the store. So, what do you want to grow in your garden?

Sanolot lettuce is headless.

In other words, it does not form any head at all, just leave. Harvest is very easy. Just pull the leaf out of the ground a few inches.

Wash and chew as needed.

Each meal or snack only harvested what you need, let the stems have more leaves when you let your belly rest. Although it matures in just 45 days, you can start eating it earlier than this. The greatness of living leaves and lettuce is that, in addition to its ability to maintain growth throughout the season, its taste is far better than iceberg lettuce. That, you have to plant yourself.

The butter head lettuce is actually not like butter. As well as Although some people think it is true. You can decide this yourself.

If people use other names to call it, it may not be so confusing: Boston or Bipu.

In any case, it is similar to Crisphead because it does form a head, although it is very loose. The leaves are soft and gentle, making it the first choice for the salad with less ingredients.

One thing to pay attention to when growing cobeous oil is that they have a tendency to become bitter in the hot sun. If you live in a very hot climate, you may need a hood. Or first plant them in some cool places.

The number of mature days of butter head/Boston/Bib/cream ranges from 40-70 days, so please select your variety according to your garden plan.

Fast and mature heads are unlikely to fix the bolts.

From the store, you get the whole head. When you plant it in the garden, you can eat the outer leaves first, one by one, and grow up along the plant. When you harvest one, this is a good choice.

Romaine/COS lettuce โ€” Romaine's heart is Caesar salad.

If you are looking for more nutrients and more flavors, then Romaine will find it.

Long leaves and hearts are the beneficial sources of vitamin A, C, K, including iron and calcium.

From the appearance point of view, the difference between Romaine and other lettuce is that it forms a slender head. In some cases, it can grow to one foot height.

The outer leaves are darker and thicker than butter lettuce. Near the center or heart, the leaves are light green shadows. In terms of flavor, the Romans' hearts are amazing, often the stars of Caesar salad.

But back to the garden for a second. They may be slow, although they will become bitter in hot summer.

As far as Romaine is concerned, you should not peel off their leaves. Wait until the entire head is ready to gain. The maturity days of long leaf lettuce are 60-80 days.

You can put a Roman head in the refrigerator for a few days before eating.

Iceberg/crispy lettuce is the most challenging lettuce.

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So why do you plant it?

Just to prove that you can be a self -reliant gardener, you don't need to buy anything from the store. At least, it is not the perfect formed lettuce head.

It is not only more difficult to plant in the open -air garden, but also the lowest nutritional value among all lettuce. However, for not obvious reasons, iceberg lettuce is well known, despite these slight declines.

Ice of the iceberg also grows slowly, mature in about 80 days, which is more sensitive to heat than other lettuce types.

But shape, all this classic. Cut in one to remember your childhood, there is a crispy wedge on your dining plate. Use the pasture or French dressing to suffocate.

At the same time, there are 20 kinds of lettuce here in autumn or even winter.

Just to keep your horticultural skills the latest and continuous development.

Now, your understanding of lettuce is much more than you think, let us continue to discuss what it will make it difficult for those dense leaves to grow.

At least, lettuce is always easy to eat.

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