Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Use of Coke in The Garden

Whether you like it or hate it, Coca Cola is integrated into our daily life... and most of the rest of the world. Most people drink Coke as a delicious drink, but it has countless other uses. Coke can be used to clean your spark plug and car engine, it can clean your toilet and tiles, it can clean old coins and jewelry, yes, guys, it is said that it can even relieve the sting of jellyfish! It seems that Coca Cola can be used for almost everything. What are some uses of Coke in the garden? The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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Use Coke in the garden, really!

A Confederate colonel named John Pemberton was injured during the Civil War and indulged in morphine to relieve his pain. He began to look for alternative painkillers and invented Coca Cola in his pursuit. He claimed that Coca Cola had cured many diseases, including his addiction to morphine. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Since Coke was originally a health tonic, would it have some beneficial uses in the garden? It seems so.

Can Coke Kill Slugs?

Obviously, using Coke in the garden is nothing new for some people. Some people poison their slugs, and some lure them to drink with beer. Where's Coca Cola? Can Coke Kill Slugs? It is said that this works the same way as beer. Just fill the low bowl with Coca Cola and put it in the garden overnight. Sugar in soda attracts slugs. If you want, come on, and drown in acid.

Coca Cola is attractive to slugs, so it may be attractive to other insects. It seems that it is true that you can set up a Coca Cola wasp trap, just as you did for the slug trap. Similarly, just fill the low bowl or cup with cola, or even just take out the entire open can. The wasp will be attracted by the sweet nectar. Once it enters, wow! Again, drown in acid.

There are other reports that Coca Cola is the death of other insects, such as cockroaches and ants. In these cases, you spray bugs with cola. In India, farmers are said to use Coca Cola as an insecticide. Obviously, it is cheaper than commercial pesticides. However, the company denied that there were any pesticides in the drink that could be interpreted as useful.

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Coke and compost

Coke and compost, huh? It's true. The sugars in cola attract the microbes needed to start the decomposition process, while the acids in the drinks help. Coca Cola did facilitate the composting process.

Besides, the last item of cola is used in the garden. Try to use cola to grow acid loving plants in the garden, for example:



It is said that pouring cola into the garden soil around these plants will lower the soil pH value.

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