Tips from Olle Garden Bed:Vegetable Garden Project

Vegetable gardens are a low maintenance and much cheaper way to go green. These gardens can be created in any space, be it shady or sunny, cool or hot. By growing your own vegetables you will save lots of money and have control over the quality of fresh produce you eat. You won’t have to buy anything at the grocery store, instead you will pick your own vegetables right from the garden. Vegetable gardening also has other benefits such as improving mental health, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Planters can use raised garden beds for planting.

raised garden bed
First, the planting mode of one-meter garden is adopted. First of all, the garden bed is beautiful, and can prevent soil erosion. Secondly, the pavement between the garden beds is laid with gravel, so that the garden is clean and beautiful, which is particularly important for the vegetable garden with high requirements for visiting experience.

Two, carefully design the varieties of vegetables and fruits collocation and planting design.

The variety of vegetables and fruits is very rich, both colorful leaves, and colorful fruit, and rich leaf shape, tree shape and color, such as color lettuce and pepper, special-shaped pumpkin. With a garden bed, lay out different planting layouts.

Three. Arrange the background, middle scene and foreground (also called upper, middle and lower level) according to the flower scene concept. Vegetables and fruits also have many forms, creeping, upright, different height and height, climbing vine, in a single garden bed, must reflect the level and consistency of the landscape. As for consistency, it can be fixed by porch frame, bamboo frame, etc., or it can be achieved by regular trimming.

Four, vegetable garden also want to plant ornamental flowers and plants. It is suggested that the ratio of vegetables and fruits, ornamental flowers and plants, and herb plants is 6:2:2 or 5:2:2.5. In addition, it is also necessary to add various landscapes such as sculpture, flower arch, flower frame, gardening sketch, and so on. It can be arranged in several important landscape nodes of the vegetable garden. Attention, flower landscape maintenance technology requirements are high, high cost, so can’t be a large number of lay out.
raised garden bed
How to achieve health and ecology?

First, formulate soil improvement program to provide favorable conditions for the growth of vegetables and fruits. According to the local soil conditions, fertilizer, soil quality, acid and alkaline improvement, deployment, to avoid soil compaction, poor growth induced diseases and pests, lack of fruit, plant dead seedlings and other conditions.

Two, weed closure. One or two days before planting, the planting soil is sprayed with a sealing drug, which has a remarkable sealing effect on weeds, and is not harmful to vegetables and fruits, so as to reduce artificial and enhance the growth of vegetables and fruits.

Three, Reduce pests and diseases by screening suitable vegetables and fruits during the four seasons. It is suggested to optimize the allocation and select the better varieties according to the local climate conditions.

Four. Use physical methods to kill pests as far as possible. It has been proved that physical methods such as armyworm yellow plate, insect light, timely pruning and removal have a remarkable effect on insect control, thus reducing or even eliminating the use of chemical agents.

Five, it is necessary to lay drainage pipes and optimize the drainage system before the garden is built. At the same time, more consideration should be given to the water supply system.
raised garden bed
Vegetable garden with soul will make people love at first sight: a large number of ornamental peppers, ornamental melons and fruits implant to make vegetable garden fun; A variety of colorful tomatoes, raw food lettuce to vegetable garden healthy, ecological; Autumn's red leaves and climbing legumes make the vegetable garden idyllic; Big kale, colored canola, colored carrots, and Brussels sprouts keep the vegetable garden open for winter.

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