Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Why Should You Cut Potatoes Before Planting

Do you want to increase potato production? Do you always want to increase the harvest of vegetables, but never know how? Well, don't watch it again! Planting potatoes is the best way to ensure the success of potato planting. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Discount is a simple process, which is based on how you store them - it can greatly improve the quantity and quality of your harvest. Now you will understand why crushing is so important for the best growth conditions of potatoes, and what supplies you need to start. So, dive in! This is why every gardener should cut potatoes before planting!

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Why should you cut potatoes before planting

If you want to make full use of the potato crop in this season, breaking it before planting is an effective way to improve the yield and harvest more. Cutting potatoes requires storing them in a light and cool place, and encouraging the growth of short buds called "chips", which helps to accelerate their growth after planting. Although this may seem like an extra effort, there are several reasons why you should spend time chattering and eating potatoes before planting.

First of all, chopped potatoes usually sprout faster than those without chips. This means that the pressure on plants is less when they grow new roots and leaves after transplanting into the soil. You should start this process indoors in February so that your potatoes can be transplanted in the spring.

During the planting process, you can more easily identify which variety of potato is which variety of potato, because you can identify short buds. This may be useful if you plant multiple varieties in the same plot or area.


It is not only simple and interesting, but also encourages healthy growth and provides children with opportunities to participate in gardening. So why not try it? Here's how to get started.

First, select tubers with smooth skin and no defects. Place the tuber in the egg box or seed tray with the "eyes" facing up. Place it in a cool but frost-free room where it will receive indirect light. A good temperature range is 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If potatoes get hot, they will shrink.

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When you do this, look at the variety at hand - knowing what is and what is important. Bring out one type at a time, you can mark them at any time and avoid any confusion.

In the process of four to six weeks, they should produce small green buds. These will help potatoes develop strong roots and encourage better absorption of water and nutrients. It is worth noting that some varieties of potatoes may need more time to complete this process than other varieties.

Basically, it is not necessarily complicated or time-consuming to beat potatoes. Just follow these simple steps, you can ensure the maximum yield of potato crops and immediately enjoy the fruits of your labor. Therefore, if you are a gardener and want to maximize the yield of potatoes, please chop potatoes before planting!

Let them underground

Are you ready to start growing potatoes? If so, it's almost time to start beating your tubers. As mentioned earlier, February is a good time to start. However, if you live in an area experiencing late frost, it is better to wait longer before cutting potatoes. The ideal time to wait is four to six weeks, so that the tuber can grow to at least 2 cm - and then your potato can go to the ground!

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Regardless of the situation, when planting potatoes, try to keep the soil temperature between 42 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit - this will give them the greatest chance of success. So, get ready to stain your hands and plant them in April!

Step on or not

When it comes to planting potatoes, one of the most controversial topics is whether to chatter. Although this process can promote more vigorous growth under the right conditions, commercial growers tend to skip this step completely and choose to refrigerate and then plant directly.

That doesn't mean you should follow suit. If you are a novice gardener and want to try potato planting, why not try these two methods? You can try the traditional chopping technology on some potatoes, while others remain the same. Record your results later to see which variety has the best price! Who knows, you may even find a method that is more suitable for you under certain circumstances.

At least, no matter what method you take, you will harvest a season of delicious potatoes at harvest time!

This potato is for you

Potato cutting is a simple and low-cost method that can provide additional power for your plants! The real work will come when it is necessary to dig them, but if you have done enough preparation before planting, the harvest will be very beneficial. So don't be stingy with basic knowledge - go out and eat those potatoes!

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