Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

To start a garden is easy but to maintain a healthy garden requires a lot of effort and knowledge. It takes many trials and errors to find the best way to keep your garden healthy and many have their own way of solving a certain problem. There Is never just one right answer, only one that works best for you.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy and productive garden:

  1. Use raised garden beds

Raised garden beds keep your garden clean as it makes sure that your crops are within the garden bed. Having your crops in your garden bed also makes it more manageable. Here at Olle, we recommend not using a garden bed that is too wide as it makes it hard to manage.


  1. Remove weeds regularly

Weeds grow very quickly and if left unattended, they will compete with your crops for water and nutrients, resulting in poor harvest. Weeds are also a breeding ground for pests. Both weeds and pests multiply quickly so a combination of these will be very harmful for both your plants and your health. Therefore, it is suggested that you remove weeds regularly, preferably weekly, or biweekly. Garlic spray helps to keep them away too.

  1. Remove diseased plants quickly

As the saying goes, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. We want to remove the bad “apple” before it starts affecting the entire garden. A plant which has been damaged or infected with disease are weak and are more prone to being infected with more diseases. Their ability to produce also drops so there is really no reason to keep them any longer.

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