Tips from Olle Garden Bed : What are the benefits of growing green plants for people and the planet?

The benefits of green plants, those who spend a lot of time growing plants on rooftops or in garden beds have a number of important advantages. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Plants provide a natural solution for clean air.

As plants steam water from their leaves, they pull air around their roots. This provides oxygen for their root microbes. Root microbes also convert other substances in the air, such as toxic chemicals, into food and energy. Microorganisms, such as bacteria, can quickly adapt to chemical contaminants by creating new colonies that are resistant to the chemical. As a result, the longer they are exposed to the chemicals, the more effective they become at converting toxic chemicals into food. It is also important to remember that as the concentration of chemicals in the air increases, so does the efficiency of plants as filtration devices. For example, the removal rate of a chemical is much higher at 7 parts per million (ppm) than at 2 ppm. (Each of the studies listed above).

Reduce the shadow factor to cool the interior by shading (allowing for natural scenery).

In decimal terms between 0 and 1, the shading factor represents the percentage of solar heat energy transferred to the building through the shading system compared to a single piece of 1/8-inch clear glass. The lower the shadow coefficient, the less heat is gained through the material, so the better the sunshine control performance. Although retractable screens have become an effective tool, the advantage of using shade from internal plants is that residents do not sacrifice exposure to the natural environment (plants) when shade is most needed.

What are the benefits of green plants for the Earth?

The benefits of green plants for the planet:

  1. Green plants convert solar energy into organic matter such as starch and lignin, etc., providing food for animals and microorganisms.
  1. Green plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. It provides oxygen for animals and microorganisms to breathe.
  1. Green plants provide a large number of building materials and various materials for human life and production.

     4. green plants absorb the sun's red light and a lot of heat, can effectively reduce the temperature.

  1. Green plants can improve the regional environment by absorbing water from deep underground and releasing it into the air.

Ways to protect green plants:

First, it is reasonable planning, delimit the green plant development area, and gradually expand the green plant area.

Second, is to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, apply enough fertilizer, achieve balanced fertilization, reasonable water supply, promote the growth of green plants.

Third, it is to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and pests to ensure the healthy growth of green plants.

Fourth, strengthen management and protection to avoid trampling or damage by humans and animals.

Fifth, the establishment of special protection area, mainly refers to the state protection of green plants.

Green plants are bright in color, especially flowers, which are colorful and give people a visual feast. Green plants can show people static beauty. Cultivate temperament: Planting green plants brings people infinite fun, enrich life, influences the sentiment.